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   Phase III

Develop a more independent life-style

. During this phase the client is assisted with developing a more independent life-style utilizing The Twelfth Step House staff and the support system he has built for his recovery in the community.

He is assisted with the various stressors of everyday living, which are connected to his participation in the work force or educational endeavors. If a client should relapse to the point of usage during Phase III, all efforts are made to assist him to get back on track with his sobriety without the loss of his current educational and/or vocational status.

After the client and staff reach a decision that he is ready to be discharged into the community, staff also assist the client with locating affordable housing and finding furniture if needed. At this time staff and client formulate a healthy aftercare plan which will promote ongoing recovery.

This aftercare plan may include on-going individual counseling sessions with Twelfth Step House counselors, the attendance of the weekly relapse prevention group, as well as the utilization of AA/NA, and other outside of house support systems.