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   Phase I

The Program at The Twelfth Step House consists of three phases.

I - Develop an individual rehabiliation plan

II - Development of personal goals and objectives to reach these goals

III - Develop a more independent life-style

PHASE 1. During this phase, the staff assists the client in the development of a rehabilitation plan. The length of stay at The Twelfth Step House depends on the client's needs and his readiness to utilize all that the Program has to offer him. Generally, three months are considered a minimal effective stay and twelve months a maximum.

The Program's goal is total abstinence and, upon admission, each client is made to understand that any return to alcohol or other mood-altering chemicals will result in either immediate placement in the local detoxification center or dismissal from our Program. Readmission is dependent upon the client's attitude towards his personal recovery. Problem areas are identified and appropriate thera- peutic measures are developed to assist the client with his personal recovery. The client is assisted to learn to identify his specific relapse triggers and warning signs and to develop healthy, rational ways to deal with them. Clients with dual disorders, who are in need of, or have been prescribed medications, are referred to local psychologists and psychiatrists for assistance with their mental health issues.

The Twelfth Step House Counselors work closely with these mental health professionals to assist the clients with their appointments and medication management. A client is moved into phase II when staff and client together decide he is ready.